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East Grinstead HC

A message to East Grinstead HC members,

It is with regret that we have taken the decision to close the EGHC club shop with immediate effect.

When we agreed to act as the fulfilment retailer for STX to supply their agreement with EGHC we outlined certain recommendations and conditions required to ensure club clothing supply was a smooth and efficient process to the service levels that we, Pro Shop Hockey, aspire to reach. Teamwear supply has been an integral feature of our business for almost 20 years and in that time we have developed robust processes and strong relationships with numerous clubs and school. In short, we know what makes for a good solution for all and our recommendations were made on that basis.

Pro Shop Hockey supplies a large number of clubs on contract agreements (as can be seen on this website) and many more besides on an ad hoc basis. Our reputation and business in this area is something we have worked hard to develop. Sadly, due to factors that are out of our control we have had to take this unprecedented step as far as servicing the supply of STX products to EGHC goes.

We informed the management of EGHC several weeks ago of the supply issues from STX we were facing. We requested the management of EGHC communicate this to its members and ask them for their patience and understanding as we are caught in the middle and powerless to fulfil orders without stock from STX.

We also advised of sizing and product labelling issues with much of the STX kit we had received at the same time.

Despite this we have received a great many emails and phone calls from EGHC members chasing orders. We note and completely understand members' frustrations and we share them but we are unable to supply product that we have not been supplied with!

More concerning than the volume of contact however is the nature and tone of a number of the phone calls and emails that our staff have been forced to field. Many have been abusive in both tone, language and message. While again we understand the frustrations of members this is completely unwarranted in the circumstances, unnecessary and inexcusable. Our staff have politely explained that supply issues are beyond our control and yet they have still been subject to unnecessary abuse.

This decision has not been taken lightly but we are now in a situation where the service we are able to give our core business and some longstanding and loyal customers of Pro Shop Hockey is being affected. We will not compromise our service in this way, especially to clubs with whom we have enjoyed such long and mutually successful relationships.

Please note that we will honour all orders currently in the system this week provided we have the required product from STX. For those orders where STX have failed to supply product or will not do so this week we will refund customers in full.

The Directors of Pro Shop Hockey.